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Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC



With Off The Hook Yachts,  selling boats is not simply a job…..it is an obsession for our professional team. We are very aggressive when it comes to selling your boat. Where many brokerages will simply spend a half-hour listing a boat on YachtWorld and then wait for a phone call, we proactively find buyers for our boats. Also unlike other brokerages, we do not accept hundreds of listings. We believe that if a customer is going to spend ten percent to have their boat sold, then they deserve professionals who have the time dedicated to focus on the sale of their boat each day.

You may wonder how we can afford to do this, and the answer is, quite simply, that our boats not only sell, but they sell fast. You may see a brokerage with 75 listings, but how many times do you see the word “Sold” or “Sale Pending”? How much concentrated effort are they capable of putting into your boat when they have 35 others they are trying to sell at the same time? Our cell phones are turned on 24/7.

The Off The Hook Yachts Difference

Since we have the ability to purchase boats, we are in a position to take trade-ins. Many potential buyers are ready to move up to their next boat, but must sell their current boat first. We are able to offer them reasonable trade-in plus tax advantages that will be extremely beneficial in the purchase of their new boat.

Off The Hook Yacht Sale, LLC truly hopes that you will select us to represent you in either the buying, selling, or trade-in of your boat. We are true professionals in the field who absolutely love boating and boats, and are here to make this the most pleasant experience for you that we can. We look forward to working with you!


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